Ace stone + tiles

Solaire is committed the most sustainable available materials in their homes while simultaneously delivering a high-quality luxurious feel. Solaire homes are fitted with Ace Stone + Tiles products, which are created in plants that make an active choice to decrease their carbon footprint, recycle at every point and invest in environmental management.

Allbrands aquatics

Allbrands Aquatics is Brisbane’s leading pool Pump and Chlorinator Specialists, and are pioneering their new generation Fresh Water Pool Sanitizer system. With a commitment to helping families swim free of chemicals and reducing their pool’s environmental impact, it’s unsurprising Solaire pools are fitted with their cutting-edge filtration systems.


Like Solaire, Brisbane-based company Biome have a vision for creating a brighter future for everyone, and encouraging healthier, more responsible lives. Through their reusable, toxin-free range, they inspire and enable a world that is free from plastic, animal cruelty and harmful chemicals so naturally, all Solaire homes are furnished with their products.

Eden Made

Eden Made
 uses sustainable Timber sourced from well-managed plantations to create bespoke timber designs which are heavily featured in Solaire homes. They share a passion for design aesthetics and work to create beautiful pieces for Solaire homes which celebrate nature and deliver a stamp of quality that will endure.


Solaire is on a journey to a create healthy homes with reduced harm to the environment and ourselves – much like Resene, who has won numerous environmental and sustainability awards for their work both in Australia and abroad. All Solaire homes are treated to Resene’s low VCO and VCO-free paints to avoid inviting chemicals into our living space, in an effort to bring together luxury, quality, sustainability and peace of mind.

Sussex Taps

Much like Solaire, Sussex Taps is committed to sustainability. As the only maker with an Australian foundry, their brass is created from recycled shavings left over from machining operations. Their taps are rigorously crafted with a high level of precision that matches the standard set by our homes. It’s no surprise Solaire homes feature their luxury, custom fittings.


Everyone knows Tesla — the innovative powerhouse that’s changing the world one battery cell at a time. Proudly, Tesla technology can be found in all of Solaire’s properties because it’s the epitome of smart meets sexy; their battery systems integrate seamlessly into each home without compromising on luxury, for real-time monitoring of energy use within the home.



Bradford Solar is made up of a team of experts – engineers and electricians that specialise in the design and installation of solar arrays, inverters and battery storage. In fact, Bradford Solar are currently the largest installer of solar panels and Tesla products within Australia, are leaders in residential solar and battery systems and are backed by one of the country’s largest industrial companies, CSR.

Brisbane City Jaguar

Brisbane City Jaguar prides themselves on the breathtaking design, iconic luxury and pulse-racing performance of their cars. Their sophisticated rang of electric vehicles perfectly complements the battery charging systems present in Solaire homes, with a commitment to sustainability that is redefining the face of luxury.


It’s no surprise greenery plays a huge role in Solaire’s mission for clean air. This local Brisbane company specialises in the wholesale supply of plants and landscaping materials, but with an emphasis on sustainability within their operations, through large-scale solar systems, storm water harvesting and waste water reticulation systems. It’s an award-winning business that cares about protecting the environment just as much as Solaire does.


TradeMutt is a social enterprise dedicated to making tradies and workers of all kinds look and feel great, while simultaneously starting a conversation about mens mental health. Much like Solaire, they’re pushing towards societal change, making their workwear brand the perfect partner.



Ecolateral is a small practice of dedicated, professional and highly qualified sustainability specialists who focus on the economic and practical delivery of energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality. Solaire has been in close consultation on booth a professional and personal level with Ecolateral from the very inception and design of our first property. Our relationship will continue long into the future as we collectively investigate more innovative and sustainable ways of building our world. Whether your project is residential or commercial, Ecolateral has the knowledge and experience to delivery an exemplary result.


As structural engineering consultants, Incode work closely with Solaire and collaborate with a wide range of talented architects, developers and contractors to create clever and cost-effective engineering solutions for even the most complex design problems. The result? Longevity, innovation and the highest quality in every build.


The work of award-winning architect Joe Adsett has been described as “subtropical modernism” — it’s contemporary architecture that’s responsive to the local environment. Needless to say, Solaire and Joe Adsett make a brilliant team, having joined forces on several renovation and new build projects that push the limit when it comes to contemporary, intelligent and luxurious living.

Property Projects Australia

Property Projects Australia are expert town planners who excel at providing high-quality development advisory and project facilitation services. Their experienced, Brisbane-based team is dedicated to serving their customers and consulting on upcoming Solaire projects.