La Fleur

The ultimate unrecognisable renovation: La Fleur. True to its name, La Fleur blossomed into a luxurious and sustainable development through extreme attention to detail and a passion for creating beautiful multi-generational homes. ARP and Solaire’s core principles and values come together to create another Auchenflower gem. Situated on a sloping site with extensive retaining, the team was able to completely transform the pre-war home. The home was re-stumped and rebuilt from the ground up, while ingeniously making use of the existing weatherboards and windows. Along with Australian award-winning architect Joe Adsett, the ARP team brought the vision of large open spaces, structurally cantilevered veranda which achieved new feats of its structural steel use, and maximising on every single space in the home to life. Additionally, Solaire’s core values were not spared in the creation of this home. Waste separation, smart home technology, sustainable building materials and practices, carbon minimisation and achieving near zero-energy consumption make this home stand out from Auchenflower’s real estate. La Fleur was delivered with high commendations from Joe Adsett and blown away every facet of the property industry.