Vanquish represents the turn of a new era in property development in Australia, a luxury passive home that will be Australia’s largest architectural home with full passive certification. Incorporating sustainable building techniques, European imported building materials and smart home technology, Vanquish will be an Australian market leader for environmentally friendly living. Vanquish will be airtight and built with extreme precision. Through a combination of high-performance double glazing, insulation and an airtight building envelope, the house will have crystal clean air and remain a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius regardless of outside conditions. The home will have Solaire’s flair for sustainability and ARP’s typical extreme attention to detail to ensure the size and scope of the land is used to its full potential. Additionally, the home will feature another Solaire classic: a 12-metre freshwater pool.

Collaborating for a third time with the award-winning architect Joe Adsett, they set three focus points to keep in mind during the design and build of the house. This included futureproofing for multigenerational living, maximizing natural cross-ventilation and energy efficiency while delivering an incredibly spacious, open-plan style home to accommodate for the vibrant and modern Brisbane lifestyle. It is hard to believe that the team can pack so much punch into a compact lot on a tight slope but if anyone can, its ARP, Solaire and Joe Adsett. Vanquish will be completed and on the market in summer 2019.